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Textiles and filters for air conditioning

Filtr r3

Filters for air conditioning

Filters processed into pockets and fitted in the plastic frame – whole burnable version. Use for filtration class G4 (the highest degree of coarse filtration) and F5 (the lowest level of fine filtration). Filter classes G4 and F5 are the most common and thanks to this we can guarantee you a very low price with short delivery dates.

Basic dimensions of the filters

  • 592 x 592 mm
  • 490 x 592 mm
  • 592 x 287 mm
  • 287 x 592 mm
  • 287 x 287 mm
  • other dimensions can be produced after discussion

For better orientation for service during changing, plastic frames of the filters can be vary in colour, depending on particular filter classes.

Textiles for air conditioning

Textiles are designed for rough filtration of atmospheric air. Filter class G3 and G4. Usually delivered in rolls or cut sizes, according to customer´s requirement.