EDIspol / Filtrace - Certificates

ISO 9001:2009

V současné době zavádíme systém managementu kvality ISO 9001:2009.



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Food industry

Concerning textiles for industrial filtration, we have an attestation of state test shop, where the parameters satisfy the Ministry of Health Notice no. 38/2001 coll. as amended. Evaluated products meet the requirements of The European Parliament and European Council regulations 1935/2004 Article 3 - general requirements for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Electrostatic characteristics of textiles

Further we have the EXAM certificate for filtration textiles of our supplier according to DIN 54345 to test the electrostatic characteristics of textiles and to determine the electrical resistance values. Suitable especially for environments with explosion hazards. (for explosive environment according to the character of filtered dust).

Dustiness of filters

Test VDI 3926 for test treshold Pural SB at output concentration for textiles which we process. We meet strict requirements of the output concentration at textiles of filters for industrial filtrations.