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ISO 9001:2009

V současné době zavádíme systém managementu kvality ISO 9001:2009.



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Industrial filtration

Textile filters generally processed in sleeve and bag shapes, sacks or pockets, or atypical shapes according to the requirements.

We are able to design optimal type of textile for filtration equipment.


Textiles and filters for air conditioning

Filters processed into pockets and fitted in the plastic frame – whole burnable version. Use for filter classes G2-G4 and F5-F9.


Jsme výrobci filtrů

Naším oborem jsou průmyslové filtry, textilie pro klimatizaci a filtry pro klimatizaci.

Obchodní filozofie společnosti:

  • osobní a individuální přístup ke klientům
  • máme zkušební atest k výrobkům v zemích EU
  • velmi příznivá cena

Čistý vzduch pro Vás

We observe strict criteria

We offer new types of textiles which have gone through a complicated system of testing and at its end we have received certificates. This is not only because of trying to improve the quality of production, but also to improve your satisfaction when using our high quality filters and textiles.

More can be found at site devoted to certificates.

New website

In February we carried out renovation of our website. Currently we are coming with refurbished design which is powered by new editorial system. We hope our permanent visitors and business partners will appreciate this change. We have been working hard on the new sections of the web and updating our products and services.